Slaughterhouse Slough The Colouring Book

Published on by Eric Dyck.


IT IS A REAL THING! I am happy to announce that Slaughterhouse Slough: The Colouring Book is here!

Artwork by myself and some of my favourite Southern Alberta artists are featured in this Lethbridgey (totally a word) colouring book! Twenty pages of 9" x 12" drawings are waiting for your colourful contributions.  Artwork pages are single-sided with a perforated edge  for easy removal (as requested by the colouring fanatics in my life). 

For everyone who pre-ordered in the Slough Shop, the book will be shipped to you just as soon as I have them in my hands!

Featuring artwork by: Eric Dyck, Beth Porter, Carson Morton, Halli Lilburn, Lauren Crazy Bull, Leila Armstrong, Mary-Anne McTrowe, Sandra Manyfeathers, & Stacey Bru.


☠ DEATHBRIDGE: Tales of the Strange from Lethbridge, AB. ☠

Published on by Eric Dyck.

Welcome to Lethbridge's newest comic book about dead people!
Or is that the FIRST Lethbridge comic about dead people?  No matter.

A few months ago, I was invited by the Lethbridge Downtown Business Revitalization Zone, in collaboration with the Galt Museum's Belinda Crowson, to develop a comic book from a selection of ghost stories that Belinda had collected.  Three stories were chosen for Volume One, and I invited Southern Alberta artist, Stacey Bru, to interpret a viaduct story.

It was a lot of work in a few short weeks, but the results look fantastic!

Proceeds from sales of Deathbridge will be going to a very special cause: The Save Chinatown Lethbridge project

I am very happy to announce that TONIGHT is the launch for


Deathbridge features the following local ghost stories:

"Chinatown", adapted from Belinda Crowson's story by Eric Dyck

"The Endless Ride", adapted from Belinda Crowson's story by Stacey Bru

"Nicholas Sheran", adapted from Belinda Crowson's story by Eric Dyck

After the big Downtown Spooktacular launch, DEATHBRIDGE will be available from local retailers: