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Christmas illos

Published on by Eric Dyck.

You know its time to spend more time with "people" when a client emails you a family photo, and you think to yourself, "Hey! I know that dog!". Yikes.

A local "Toon Portrait" for the holidays...clients appreciate the fun and warm drawings that exist happily between formal portraiture and the extreme goofiness of all-out-caricature.
I was pretty careful to make sure the baby came out cuter than the dog!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wedding Illos

Published on by Eric Dyck.

Congratulations to my lil' brother and new lil' sister-in-law! They kindly asked me to design their wedding invites, and were even brave enough to let me do the lettering!

The RSVP card:

The inevitable powerpoint of baby bottoms and goofy school photos was a wedding highlight, and I was asked to whip up some title screens for the slideshow segments.

Thanks to the happy couple and we all wish them all the best!